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Opinions - March 9, 2021

3 Small Business Tasks that You Should Outsource

While outsourcing is still an emerging trend in Africa, it can not be denied the huge benefits that come with it, especially for small businesses. Outsourcing is when you entrust certain business tasks that can be handled internally to another company.

You might view outsourcing as extra expenses your business just isn’t ready for right now, but consider how much money you’ll be loosing trying to take-on certain business tasks that you’ve got no experience with. 

Outsourcing helps you to get things done as a small business by delegating vital activities and procedures to experts without having to hire more staff. It enables you to keep costs under control, boost productivity, and concentrate on the aspects of your company that you love and excel at.

This concept can be applied to a variety of business situations. Here are some small business tasks you can outsource.

1. Marketing

You can seek the help of a marketing agency to help position your business for growth. They can handle ad design, content development, and social media posting, so you can concentrate on your company’s internal operations. Furthermore, these companies are generally staffed with experts who can assist you in developing innovative ideas and practical techniques that you would not have been able to access.

2. Shipping and Logistics

You can also enlist a logistics company or drop shipping service to manage the delivery of your products directly to customers. This is a common alternative for e-commerce traders who want to concentrate solely on their marketing efforts.

3. Customer Service

You can outsource your customer service plan to an external call centre or chat service if your business interacts with customers mostly online or over the phone. To do so, you must first develop processes to ensure that the company that will be communicating directly with your customers understands your brand image and goals.

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