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Healthtech - March 11, 2021

Hollard Cigna Healthcare Announces strategic Partnership with Société Financière d’Assurance

Hollard Cigna Healthcare has announced a very strategic partnership with Société Financière d’Assurance which is aimed at providing access to affordable healthcare to both local and expatriate communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With this partnership, Société Financière d’Assurance will become one of the main insurance providers in the Central African country.

A statement that was seen by Business Elites Africa explained that the partnership between Hollard Cigna Healthcare and Société Financière d’Assurance is poised to birth a new era of improved healthcare standard for the citizens/residents of the DRC.


Note that Hollard Cigna Healthcare has over sixty years of demonstrated commitment towards the provision good healthcare services to the people of DRC. The company also has an excellent track record of adhering to local regulations in the course of its operations.

With Over 2,000 top-quality healthcare providers, Hollard Cigna Healthcare is a leading healthcare provider with presence in over 20 African countries such as Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. The company boasts of dedicated staff services with over 250,000 employees across the continent. Also note that Hollard Cigna’s dedicated claims teams, medical board and fraud units all work collectively to provide an outstanding back office infrastructure. And this partnership Société Financière d’Assurance will reinforce that effort by providing extra security to their world class equipment and facilities.

On its part, Société Financière d’Assurance has been providing insurance in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2019. The company has established partnerships with SCOR, one of the world’s leading Reinsurance companies worldwide. The company also has a range of products that can meet the needs of all players in the DRC insurance market; from SME’s to multinational corporations, Société Financière d’Assurance.

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