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Startup - March 12, 2021

Ghana’s mPharma Expands to Ethiopia via Partnership with Belayab Pharmaceuticals

Ghana-based health tech company, mPharma has expanded to Ethiopia via a partnership with Belayab Pharmaceuticals PLC to launch Halton Pharmacies, as a subsidiary, increasing access to decent and high-quality medicine in the country.

The partnership, according to Robel Minassie, Managing Director and Shareholder of Belayab Pharmaceuticals, is critical in assisting the Ethiopian public in obtaining much-needed medical care and medicine.

“Ethiopia’s healthcare needs are growing in volume and complexity by the day. It is therefore critical to craft strong partnerships that move us closer to providing quality and broad healthcare coverage for the country. We are proud to be partnering with mPharma through their Haltons subsidiary to achieve improved healthcare in the country.”

The health tech company will use its technology platform, insights, and comprehensive experience to help Ethiopia provide affordable medicine, according to the agreement.

Two operating pharmacies will be established in Addis Ababa this year as a result of this collaboration. Patients in Ethiopia will be able to join Mutti-health mPharma’s membership programme at any of these pharmacies, according to reports.

The membership would allow covered and uninsured patients access to discounts on their drugs as well as funding options to assist with the high costs of medication.

“The entrance of Haltons Pharmacy will give patients a larger selection and convenience in Ethiopia through a consistent list of options at each location. Pharmacies in Ethiopia are largely driven by family businesses and there is a lack of consistent availability of products throughout the country. Haltons will be a crucial driver to help deliver critical drugs and products to patients throughout the country, including underserved areas”. 



Gregory Rockson (pictured above), Daniel Shoukimas, and James Finucanem founded mPharma in 2013 with the aim of increasing access to affordable, high-quality medicines.

In 2019, the company purchased Haltons, Kenya’s second-largest pharmacy chain, and now operates 27 pharmacies across the region.

With over 300 affiliate pharmacies, the healthtech is operational in Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Rwanda, and Kenya.

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