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Startup - March 26, 2021

SA’s Kandua has Created $12M in Home Services Jobs in 12 Months

In the last year, Kandua, a South African online marketplace for home services, has provided over US$12 million in job opportunities for independent service providers and SMEs.

Kandua was founded in 2014 by Arjun Khoosal and Sayo Folawiyo to assist anyone looking for a vetted professional to work on their home, from minor repairs to major renovations.

It also assists independent contractors and small businesses in establishing themselves and growing their businesses by connecting them with new clients, providing them with training opportunities, and providing them with a suite of simple software resources such as a website, a quoting and invoicing app, and digital payments.

Unlike conventional directories, Kandua employs algorithmic matching technology to vet, study, and background-check professionals before linking them with someone who requires their services.

“We match demand and supply, while addressing barriers of trust and convenience for customers. For larger businesses, Kandua co-creates solutions that offer them an easy way to engage with an ecosystem of independent SMEs – as suppliers, partners or customers,” said co-founder Folawiyo, in a session with Disrupt Africa.


Over the last 12 months, the startup has expanded to become South Africa’s number one online marketplace for home services, generating over $12 million in revenue for independent service providers and SMEs. Nonetheless, the inspiration came when Khoosal’s parents were renovating their home.

“A third-generation builder and exceptional craftsman was at work. Yet, he didn’t have access to basic business tools, and no way to showcase his work. He was selling himself short and needed to build his reputation from scratch every new day. We were lucky to find him. He was lucky to get the work. Luck shouldn’t matter – but in this space it seemed that this was often the case,” Khoosal said.

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