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BEA TV - Lifestyle - April 2, 2021

VIDEO: Should Office Romance be Outlawed? Here is What We Think

Romantic relationships in the workplace can be a blessing to some and a curse to others. While it could grow into a long-term relationship and sometimes end in marriage for a few, some have had to lose their jobs or unable to perform optimally. In all of this, the company bears the brunt in the end as it oftentimes undermines productivity.

It is against the policy of some companies for staff to be involved in office romance (whether serious or a fling). In the banking sector in Nigeria, the Human Resources policy forbids marriage between coworkers. If that relationship has to stand, one partner has to resign.

The question is, is it fair? Who should take the fall, the couple or the company?


This was our subject of discussion on one of the episodes of ‘the AfterWork show’. We also looked at romantic relationships between a company owner and a staff. We shared our personal experiences too.

Watch the interesting conversations below:

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