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Magazine - April 8, 2021

Here are the 20 Trending & Most Profitable Business Ideas in 2021

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There is a ton of valuable business information and insights on the internet, the problem many times is where to look, given the amount of misinformation and faulty narratives pushed out on the web daily.

This is why Business Elites Africa’s mission to dig through the garbage and serve our readers invigorating contents, is unwavering. We are committed to content leadership in our publications in 2021 and beyond. Our vision to lead as Africa’s SMEs partner in success remains solid.

In this edition, we are proud to present some “Trending Business Ideas of 2021”; blended with success stories from brilliant minds across the continent.


You’ll also find incisive articles to help power your mind and business IQ. Articles like 20 habits of highly successful people, artificial intelligence and edge computing for video; e-commerce dominance in Africa, and how exactly does one become a social media influencer in Africa, just to name a few.

Although we are committed to our mission of being the epicenter of undiluted business information in Africa and becoming the voice to the vibrant men and women on the continent, sharing our magazine link with the like-minds in your circle would accelerate that journey.