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Lifestyle - April 14, 2021

20 Habits of Highly Successful People

There’s one phrase that often shows up whenever you try to define success: ‘Different strokes for different folks!’. For some, success is about recognition and influence. Some view it in monetary terms while like to see it strictly in terms of impact. Whatever you choose as your definition of success, these habits of highly successful people can help you in your quest for fortunes. Imbibe them.

They are consistent with their morning routine

No successful person wakes up in the morning and lazes around in confusion. They usually have a defined morning routine, like yoga, running, drinking water, and they stick to it. They start the day with small meaningful tasks, completing one thing before moving on to another. 

They don’t need an alarm clock to wake them up

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos says he never needs an alarm clock to wake him up. Same goes for Oprah Winfrey who wrote in her Wellness diary, that she does not believe in alarm clocks as they are ‘alarming’.  If you have passionate goals to pursue everyday, chances are you would not need an alarm to prompt you up. 

They plan their day ahead

Decision making can be mentally tasking and is often a poor way to start the day. Most prominent people in different spheres agree that it is more productive to plan your day the night before. 

They take responsibility for their actions

Even when it would be safer and easier to lay back and push another to the fore, most successful people will choose to bear the consequences of their actions. They don’t play the blame game. Founder of Air Peace, Allen Onyeama was speaking in an interview when he explained how he had guaranteed a loan of over 100 million naira for some fellow without investigating the man’s line of business. Eventually, it turned out false and the fellow absconded with the money. Even though Onyeama had yet to sign the papers which would have roped him in, he chose to bear the brunt of his careless actions and repaid the sum in full to the bank. 


One goal at a time

For many people, it is often tempting to pursue different goals concurrently, especially when each has a sure potential to be successful. However, successful people note that they record more success when they focus on one goal at a time, only moving to the next when they have achieved the desired success. 


Simple as it sounds, this is a habit common to most successful people. They are always giving out of their wealth to charity and supporting noble causes. You can see this in the lives of Bill and Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu and Mark Zuckerberg.

Deliberate spending

Funny how successful people can be very deliberate in their spending even when one naturally expects them to be liberal with it. Successful people are not stingy, but they are hardly known for impulsive spending.  


Is it not said that readers are leaders? Well, this is very true and most successful people attest to reading daily. It could be anything from a news article, to a book on self-development. The important thing is exposing yourself to new information daily and improving the brain function. 

Building networks and associating with smarter people

Successful people are very deliberate about building and sustaining relationships with other successful people. In fact, Author Thomas Corley says 79% of wealthy people spend at least five hours a month deliberately networking. While they may not be the smartest, they surround themselves with smarter people.

Foresight and Eagle-like vision

Successful people usually have the foresight to predict a trend before it happens. They can look ahead and predict trends in their fields long before things actually happen. Jim Ovia, founder of Zenith bank in his biography, says that as an undergraduate, he used to sneak into computer science rooms in the 1970s, because he saw that computer science technology would define the future of business. Successful people start with the end in mind…

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