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People - April 16, 2021

Trending Business Opportunities in Africa’s Booming Beauty Industry

As we were able to establish in our 15 Entrepreneurs Disrupting Africa’s Fashion and Beauty Industry edition, the African beauty industry is booming. Immense opportunities abound and savvy entrepreneurs are positioning themselves to take advantage. Now, just in case you’ve been wondering what these opportunities are and how to get them, this article is here to help. Enjoy and learn.

Human Hair Business

These days, African women are very particular about the type of wig they put on their head. Gone are the days when anything and everything that looks like hair was manageable. Nowadays, they like their wigs looking as natural as possible. In a bid to meet this demand, therefore, wig sellers have pivoted to selling actual human hair. You’ve probably heard about Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair or bone-straight hair in general. They are quite beautiful, by the way.

As expected, human hair can be very expensive. Some can cost as much as N300, 000 according to a December 2020 survey by BBC Pidgin. What this means, therefore, is that you must be financial buoyant before going into this business. But one thing is certain- there are people willing to spend money on these natural hair wigs. However, you must ensure to study the market properly and know your target audience a lot more. Also note that the market is becoming very saturated with lots of sellers. So, be ready to do proper marketing.

Business Opportunities in Africa’s Beauty Industry

Hair Salon

This business is always trending as fair as beauty is concerned. This is because women will always have need to either wash/retouch their hair or do braids. These days, salons are integrating other grooming services such as manicures and pedicures. And despite the fact that the space has become quite saturated, there is still enough room for more players. You just have to bring something special onboard.

Cosmetics and Skincare

Everybody wants to look stunning and glow like angels. And one of the ways to achieve this is by using good skincare products. Big consumer goods companies on the African continent have always known this. And for years, they have continually engaged in numerous researches in order to come up with new products targeted at those who can afford their products.

In recent years, the dynamics in the African skincare industry has been changing rapidly. This change is such that smaller companies (which are mostly owned by celebrities and influencers), have been taking over the market. This development is similar to what happened in the American skincare industry, where powerful celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna took on big skincare brands, thereby disrupting the market.

In Nigeria for instance where the demand for bleaching creams and whitening soaps are always on the increase, celebrities and social media influencers like Bobrisky are taking advantage. Taking advantage of their huge fan base and influence, they can easily market their products and earn millions of naira. Interestingly, some of the skincare products by these celebrities can be quite expensive, therefore making them unaffordable by the average African. This has also presented an opportunity for some entrepreneurs to produce less expensive skincare products targeted at those in the lower income class.


Spa Business

A lot of the wealthiest and upper-middle income families across the Africa are known for their never-ending crave for luxury. This includes periodic spa dates where they can have their bodies massaged and pampered. As always, there are entrepreneurs who are available to take advantage of opportunities like this. It is, therefore, unsurprising that today, we have some very high-end spa experiences such as the Zanzibar-based Mali Spa, as well as the Amani Spa in Kenya.

Besides the big names, there are also smaller spas that target lower-middle income earners. These spas can be found in residential neighborhoods across major cities like Lagos and Johannesburg. The interesting thing about spa business is that the demand for them are always on the rise. So, there is always room enough for all to thrive.

Business Opportunities in Africa’s Beauty Industry
Amani Spa

Gym and other Weight Loss Services

Everybody wants to look fit. As you may well know, not only does it feel good to maintain a good weight, it also has many health benefits. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle to stay fit, especially when trying to achieve this on their own. But with little assistance, the weight loss journey tends to be easier. This is where gym instructors and weight loss teas become useful. A growing number of entrepreneurs have dedicated themselves to providing services that help African stay fit, be it through the provision of gyms or production of teas. These is a trending business you should definitely try if you are interested.

Cosmetics surgeries

This is yet another beauty business that is on the rise due to growing demands. The craze for big ass and perky breasts among African women is the driving force. However, this is a specialist kind of business because of its risky nature. Therefore, before you can engage in it, it is advisable that you should possess the necessary medical knowledge as well as financial resources.

Make-up Business

Although this business has overtime become very saturated with lots of players, it is still a very viable. All you need to succeed is to be a very good makeup artist. You also need money to acquire the necessary makeup kits you will need. And then you need to network aggressively in order to amass a clientele base.

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