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BEA TV - April 29, 2021

Here is How African Entrepreneurs can Build a Successful Business

African entrepreneurs find it harder to build a successful business than their counterparts in other parts of the world, where basic amenities required of a sane society are available, policies that aid enterprise are formulated and systems that ensure checks and balances are in place.

In Africa, it is the opposite. Even though there is no shortage of natural and human resources, enough to power the continent, the leadership deficiency and moral decadence fueled by poverty, has stalled development.

This is why it takes more than a business plan to build a successful business in Africa. You need people who have crossed many of the endless hurdles to show you how.


Dr. Teni Adesanya, Oxford Group founder, is one of them. He believes quitting should not be an option despite the cocktail of challenges that come with running a business on the continent.

In this video, he identifies two things that are needed to be successful in business and explains how to navigate the difficult phase of your entrepreneurial journey.

Watch his full interview with Business Elites Africa here.

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