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News around Africa - April 30, 2021

Inside the Rapid Growth of Egyptian Car Parts Marketplace Odiggo

Odiggo is a platform that connects consumers with suppliers to buy car parts and accessories. It was established in 2018. It ensures that users get the right, high-quality car parts at the right time by allowing them to simply enter their vehicle details and location into the Odiggo app to see what services and parts are accessible.

According to co-founder Ahmed Omar, the product took 1 and a half years to develop and was formally released at the end of 2019.

“We have an inspiring story as we had no funds building the company. We worked with the merchants to subsidise the marketing and give us higher margins, and we were growing 40 per cent month-on-month. We built the team four times, and the app three times, to get the best outcome and the best user experience.

Ever since, Odiggo has focused on growing its customer base and raising funds. Following a seed round of US$600,000 from Essa Al-Saleh, former CEO of the billion-dollar logistics firm Agility Logistics and current chairman of Volta Trucks, a UK-based tech auto-manufacturing company, the startup raised US$180,000 in May 2019.


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