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Serial Entrepreneur Teni Adesanya Reveals 2 Most Important Things Needed to be Successful in Business

Teni Adesanya is a Nigerian serial entrepreneur who has seen the worse days in his quest for business success in a terrain like Nigeria, where the odds are stacked against you. 

As the saying goes, the best person to seek advice from before embarking on a journey is someone who has walked the path or someone who is still on that trip but has covered a significant distance. Adesanya has earned the right to be a business mentor.

Having failed woefully at multiple business ventures and forced to return to paid employment, his decision to give entrepreneurship a last chance was what gave birth to his company, Oxford Group, a vast and thriving business empire that is now opening doors of opportunities for him in high places, both in Nigeria and beyond the shores. 

In the video above, excerpted from his interview with Business Elites Africa, he mentioned the two most important things an entrepreneur needs to be successful in business.

Watch the full interview here.

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