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News around Africa - May 18, 2021

What you should Know about the Strategic Partnership between Absa Group and Invest Africa

Leading business and investment platform for African markets, Invest Africa, announced that it has partnered one of Africa’s biggest financial services providers, Absa Group, to accelerate investments and business development on the African continent.

The new alliance will combine Absa Group’s expertise in the financial services sector with Invest Africa’s well-established network, with the aim of promoting trade and investment across the continent. The partnership is also expected to encourage Absa Group’s growth, further positioning it as a leading African retail, corporate and investment bank.

The partnership will also see both organisations working out some initiatives (including events, podcasts and reports) that will focus on exploring business and investment opportunities in Africa, as well as the development of sustainable funding options. Specifically, Absa Group will make use of its position and global connectivity to engender local financial solutions across African markets.

Part of a statement that was seen by Business Elites Africa quoted the Chief Executive Officer of Invest Africa, Karen Taylor, to have said: “The role of the financial services sector in driving economic development across Africa has never been more important than now. We are delighted to be able to support Absa Group as the leading African Retail, Corporate and Investment bank and to help the organisation realise its mission to provide sustainable access to financing across Africa.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Absa International, Cheryl Buss, also commented on the development saying that the partnership with Invest Africa is testament to the banking group’s commitment to serve as the financial corridor to Africa.

“As an authentically African bank with a deep understanding of the continent, we help clients build fit-for-purpose solutions that drive growth. As such, we are delighted to be collaborating with Invest Africa. Association with such a well-established organisation is a significant part of our commitment to act as a corridor to the continent and support international companies who are, or are interested in, conducting business in Africa,” Cheryl Buss said.


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