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Startup - May 27, 2021

SA Wearable Healthtech Company LifeQ Secure $47M Funding

LifeQ was founded by South Africans Riaan Conradie and Laurence Olivier (pictured above), LifeQ provides a round the clock lens into the body that generates business-grade biometrics for consumers, athletes, and the acutely and chronically ill to detect health concerns earlier, manage existing problems, and prevent sickness. It has offices in South Africa, the United States (US), and the Netherlands.

The US$47 million raise is a plus to the already well-funded company and will help to massively expand its operational capacity and drive increased reach, growth, and revenue.

The investors include Invenfin, 4Di Capital, Allectus Capital, Mogul Capital, Tenhong Holdings, Analog Devices, Hannover Re, Convergence Partners, Stellar Capital Partners, Nedbank Corporate and Investment Bank, Delos, OneBio Seed Investment Fund, Virgin Group, Lireas, Allen & Co, and Acequia Capital.

LifeQ has the support of vetern entrepreneurs and family offices such as Rachel Diamond, Halls Investments, Bremer Investments, Errol Damelin and Dietco, among others.

“LifeQ is proud to partner with the world’s most distinguished investment groups to positively impact the future of health for all people,” said LifeQ co-founder Laurence Olivier.

“We are in the midst of a global health crisis caused by a sedentary lifestyle, increased work demands, and unhealthy foods resulting in a rapid increase in chronic illnesses worldwide, many of which are preventable. The COVID-19 situation has brought this problem into stark focus. LifeQ has already been integrated into some of the world’s most innovative new wearable products by leading OEMs to bring consumers the healthcare of the future.” he added.


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