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Insight & Analysis - May 30, 2021

What’s Brand Pulsing & How Can it Make Your Ads Go Viral?

Leveraging infrared eye-tracking technology, Harvard Business School professor, Thales Teixeira and his colleagues consistently discovered that people don’t like to feel that they’re being persuaded. The viewer’s natural reaction is to distance themselves from brands with excessive branding. The research revealed that when brand logos appear on the screen, consumers constantly stop viewing video advertising. Longer brand exposures, larger logos, and logos in the middle of the screen all result in lower viewing rates.

Whilst summarising Teixeira’s findings in their book Can’t Buy Me Like, Bob Garfield and Doug Levy said that brand avoidance has such a strong effect that it appears to be ingrained in people’s subconscious minds such that they are unaware of their own passive resistance to persuasion.

How Can Marketers Successful Capture Attention with their Brands?

Teixeira recommends using “brand pulsing”, a technique for subtly integrating brand images throughout an advertisement. This can result in a 20 percent boost in viewership. Teixeira cites a Coca-Cola “Happiness Factory” ad as an example of a successful implementation of the “brand pulsing” concept, in which brand images emerge subtly over a dozen times without overwhelming the viewer.

This method can be used in a mobile marketing campaign by focusing the majority of your messaging and creativity on the value you’re providing to the customer, it could be a discount sale or service, while leaving your brand on the sidelines. This will be simpler in some channels, a push notification can feature your company’s emblem so the recipient knows who sent the message, and you may not need to repeat your brand name in the content of the message.


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