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Insight & Analysis - June 1, 2021

Taking the Adaptive Approach to Customer Experience

As more brands continue to emerge in Africa, the competition for customer attention and loyally is getting tougher. In the face of the scramble to get ahead with marketing and sales, the puzzle remains how to best engage with customers.

Today’s customers aren’t simply consumers anymore, they’re actively creating content, developing ideas and experiencing similar challenges like you. An HBR publication spotlights, it is vital to be adaptive when engaging with customers. Take social media, for example, you want to understand what your consumers truly need and weave your offering and content around that. 

Hubspot gives an example with the globally famous guitar brand, Fender, which researched the needs of customers and realised that they were abandoning their guitar after a year of purchase. In a move to help customers find their footing with the musical instrument, the company launched Fender Play, a subscription-based service that teaches users how to play the guitar on a daily basis. Reports show that the app has gained 30K downloads worldwide with over $300K in revenue.

Right here in Africa, several consumer research focuses on the pain points of customers right before the roll of some products or to capture certain untapped markets


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