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News - Tech Analysis - June 2, 2021

Huawei’s Harmony OS Launches on its MatePad Pro Tablets 

Asian tech giant Huawei has today released its proprietary mobile operating system, Harmony OS, on a series of new MatePad pro tablets; the 12.6-inch MatePad Pro, a smaller 10.8-inch MatePad Pro, and a new MatePad 11. The Chinese tech giant, which has a 15.83% market share in Africa – only next to Samsung and Apple, will be accepting registration for early access on some select devices and will be rolling out the operating system on Huawei smartphones in the weeks to come. 

Huawei has had its proprietary mobile operating system in the works for some time now, following the trade ban by Donald Trump, which prohibited companies in the United States from trading with companies considered a national security risk. This cut-off Huawei’s business operation with Google and ARM for vital software and licenses.

The Challenges

Harmoney OS Has a Long Way to Go

Although the launch of the Harmony OS signals Huawei’s first true breakaway from Android, there still remain concerns as to how well this new operating system will be received by customers. It will still be missing Google apps and services, which has been a major drawback in Huawei’s foreign market. Huawei’s app gallery is increasingly providing alternatives to Google’s collection of apps, but there are yet to outperform their counterpart. 

Questions on Harmony OS’ Authenticity

The Verge recalls the Ars Technica investigation alleging the Harmony OS to be a mere tweak of the Android OS. As the tech news website states, WhatApp’s official Android APK installed on the just-released MatePad Pro as though it was an Android device. This may not necessarily be proof of Ars Technica’s investigation, as it’s been stated that the Harmony OS will run Android apps seemly, but it leaves a question regarding the authenticity of Huawei’s Harmony OS that time will answer. 


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