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Insight & Analysis - June 2, 2021

What the Coca-Cola Logo Says About Creating a Unique Brand

Having an effective branding strategy can help your business outshine the competition. It should highlight what is most unique about your brand from all design perspectives. One logo that is known to be timeless and is engraved in the minds of thousands around the world is the Coca-Cola logo.

Designed in 1885 by Frank Mason Robinson a bookkeeper of Coca-Cola creator, Dr John Phermberton, the logo is an embodiment of factors you must consider when you want to create a unique brand. Let’s have a look at what the branding of Coca-Cola says about creating a unique identity for your business. 

It’s a Drink for After Work Hours

The Coca-Cola Company understands that people would rather take beverages such as tea or coffee in the morning, so it played to its strengths and positioned its brand for afternoons. The company also spotlighted Cola-Cola as a drink for enjoyment and relaxation, hence the use of the curvy lettering style known as the Spencerian script. Curvy fonts are inviting and relaxing, and The Coca-Cola Company used this feature to communicate the fun side of drinking Coke. It’s the beverage you take after work or when having a good time.

A Packaging Like No Other

frank robinson coca-cola create a unique brand

The Coca-cola bottle has a very distinctive shape, it’s easy to spot from a distance. You can literally recall the taste of the drink just by looking that the bottle. Inspired by the shape of a cocoa pod, there’s simply no other beverage on the planet with the shape of this bottle. It’s the company’s way of telling you that when you’re drinking a bottle of coke you’re getting the real deal and not an imitation. 

Reinventing its Logo


frank robinson coca-cola create a unique brandAlthough it was not the initial intention of the beverage giant, Coca-Cola discovered that part of its logo looked like the Danish flag and decided to lean into it. They created a media stunt at Denmark’s biggest airport handing flags to customers. This speaks a great deal to finding a fresh way to project your brand from time to time.


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