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Profiles - June 7, 2021

Linda Ikeji: How this Nigerian Serial Failure and Hardcore Hustler Beat the Odds to Become a Billionaire

The internet is perhaps the greatest miracle that happened to the human race after Jesus Christ or any messiah figure you hold dear. A network that made it possible for a broke and failed Nigerian model, Linda Ikeji, to become a billionaire by just sitting behind a computer in the corner of her room in Lagos, and feeding celebrity gossip to a teeming audience scattered around the globe.

She had no office. No staff. No bank loans. Almost zero overhead costs, and she was raking in millions of naira, week in, week out – a revenue feat her mind could not even comprehend.

Linda Ikeji, now 41, was 17, straight out of high school, when she started her grind. Her success was not overnight as seemingly depicted by many accounts. Like many others, her journey to success was paved with thorns and ditches. 

“At 17, I decided that I wanted to become somebody in life. I wanted to succeed on my own terms, doing it my own way. I was going to fulfill my life’s ambition by myself, of course with the help of God”, Linda recalls.

Linda’s rag to riches story is extraordinary, so is her failure. Before blogging made her a fortune, she failed exceptionally at every business she laid her hands on.

When Linda gained admission into the University of Lagos, where she studied English Language, she continued her modeling hustle to lighten the financial burden on her parents. She organized the Miss Unilag beauty pageant three consecutive times with little or nothing to show for it.


In 2003, she decided to contest in the Miss Nigeria pageant but failed. Upon graduating in 2004, she started her own company, Blackdove Communications, a modeling and event management outfit. She slaved herself for months to keep the company afloat but all her efforts were futile. 

She moved on to start magazine publishing but she failed at it. From there, Linda started a marketing and public relations company, she failed again. She started a TV modeling show, attempted to start a reality TV modeling competition and did an annual fashion show for 7 years – all failed woefully…

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