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Interviews - June 7, 2021

See how Bukky Asehinde’s Bellafricana is Empowering Africa’s Creative Entrepreneurs

For nearly a decade, Bukky Asehinde lived in London where she studied and worked. Throughout those years, she missed home and longed to return to Nigeria. She finally did move back in 2012, with a vision to establish a platform that would help creative entrepreneurs market their made-in-Nigeria products across the world. That vision has, overtime, metamorphosed to Bellafricana. 

In this exclusive interview with Business Elites Africa, she tells us what the journey has been like so far and her experience working with thousands of entrepreneurs. She also discusses the company’s expansion efforts and more issues. Enjoy the conversation. 

BEA: Tell us about Bellafricana and the work you do to empower African creatives and manufacturers.

Bukky Asehinde: Fantastic question. Bellafricana is actually a home to creative entrepreneurs. We built Bellafricana out of the need to ensure that creative businesses do not feel like they are doing business alone without the resources and support they need.

It has been an amazing journey so far and to be honest, if I was asked if I wanted to do this all over again…I would say “YES! Without mincing words”.

Bellafricana is a tech-enabled community that provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs in the fashion, arts & craft, health & beauty, home & living, food produce & snacks industry, to gain visibility, increase sales, have the right business support and structure that gives them the capacity to grow their business.

I lead an amazing team that is obsessed with enabling and growing an ecosystem for creative entrepreneurs to thrive in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, whilst doing all it takes to bring their quality products to the forefront of the market. 


BEA: Through my little research, I understand that Bellafricana facilitates exports of African products. Tell us more about how you do that.

Bukky Asehinde: We have actually set up different mechanisms that would drive export because of our global drive. The first one is The Bellafricana Marketplace which facilitates sales of our members’ products on a global scale. 

We have created this platform to match global buyers with great creative products made by some uniquely-screened creative business owners.

Through our valuable partnership with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, we facilitate trade missions, export training, strategic exhibitions and partnerships with trade organizations. 

Our membership platform includes resources geared at equipping our members with the necessary knowledge and tools to penetrate and begin exporting.

BEA: What specific resources do you make available for African entrepreneurs?

Bukky Asehinde: Aha! I love this question. Bellafricana provides her members with broad and specific business resources…

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