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Profiles - June 9, 2021

Meet Juliana Rotich, the Kenyan Tech Innovator who Built a Revolutionary Platform that’s now used Worldwide

On a continent where a large portion is driven by selfish desires, Juliana Rotich, 44, is an embodiment of a nationalist and a Pan-Africanist. She is known to tactically and intentionally seeking ways to solve Africa’s teaming problems, even up to opportunities that portend no monetary rewards.

Growing up in Kenya, Juliana was known as a lonesome young geek with oversized glasses. Today, she’s recognized as a successful tech entrepreneur, innovator, and venture capitalist. As a venture partner in Africa Technology Ventures (ATV), she was instrumental in raising a $50 million fund to support the growth of tech start-ups across East and West Africa.

Juliana was lucky to be educated. That’s because not many people in her community had the privilege of formal education. But her parents fought tooth and nail to ensure their little girl was lettered. As a child drawn to technology, she buried herself into anything computer-related and it was noticeable. This earned her the chair of her high school’s computer club. 

Even luckier, Juliana went on to study computer science at the University of Missouri in the United States, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. She first worked at US telecoms operator, Sprint Nextel Corporation in 1999, where she undertook hardcore techie projects for about six years. Then she moved to Chicago and became a coder and project manager at another firm. 


At this time, Juliana was not earning enough pay. So to augment her income, she took on a side gig and worked as a network operations engineer for a small data centre, where she had unrestricted access to the internet and fell in love with the technology, an incident that would shape her life many years later.

In 2005, her career took off when she landed a job at Intercall Inc. as an Expert Accounts Specialist and later moved to the National Seminars Group (RUCECI), working as an Email and Database Specialist…

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