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Insight & Analysis - June 11, 2021

Redefining Feminism in Corporate Nigeria

The concept of feminism is increasingly becoming a real phenomenon, and one can now even find individuals of the menfolk who claim to be feminists in their thinking. Some proponents of the concept go further to suggest that men who are feminists are more likely to have more fulfilling relationships with female colleagues, friends, and the entire feminine gender. 

While feminism as a term is supposed to refer to a stand against systems, regulations and practices which keep women oppressed, the concept is now widely being misinterpreted and re-engineered into an aggressive stand against people perceived to show a lack of support for female causes or the female gender movement and thought. This does not make for the best working environment in corporate circles

It is not uncommon to see females of the newer generation sharing opinions and grievances on social media, blatantly suggesting that getting married could shortchange or restrain the woman from fully attaining the peak of her career. According to these characters (usually millennial or GenZ), getting hitched to a man could become a sort of clip on the wings of the woman who wishes to soar high enough to shatter any glass ceiling in her career path. 


Without mincing words, one can very well say that the concept of feminism has been bastardised, and is now an excuse for these young women to convert valuable time that could have been used for self-development and career advancement, to not only chase shadows, but also build and profit from the followership and trust of vulnerable female folk everywhere.

At this point, it could be instructive to point out several women of the older generation who, despite (or as a result of) being married, were able to attain record-breaking achievements in their different spheres. The age and promises of marriage varies from one woman to the other, but one thing common to all of them is that getting married does not become the clog in their wheels of progress, nor does it prevent them from attaining their dreams. 

The first example that comes to mind is Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a woman in whom we can say, the world is well pleased. Okonjo-Iweala has a different brand of feminism associated with her achievements, a type that says her intellectual capacity and efficiency in any position has nothing to do with her gender. She has held the positions of Corporate Secretary, Vice President and Managing Director Operations at the World Bank where she started out as an intern…

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