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Tech Analysis - June 15, 2021

How Tech is Transforming the Transportation Landscape in Africa

One thing that is greatly transforming lives in Africa is the commercialisation of ease, which draws its influencing power from the disruption enabled by technology. Tech has been defined as the next big export from Africa, made possible by a growing digital revolution.

A PwC report titled, “Disrupting Africa: Riding the wave of the digital revolution,” attributes the process to a 344% growth in phone usage between 2007- 2016 which went to create new frontiers and new business development strategies enhancing every sphere of our lives.

In Africa and more specifically Nigeria, technology has impacted the future of mobility which has moved from dependence and use of old rickety cars to the introduction of high economy, eco-friendly; safe and comfortable cars that dominate the transport business landscape in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre and one of the busiest cities in the world. And so in every other city in Nigeria and most of metro Africa.

Drivers are now signed under an app that can be downloaded at the comfort of consumers’ home or office, from Playstore and used to book rides directly with unmatched ease.


National President of the National Union of Professional App-based Workers, Ibrahim Ayoade argues that Uber and Bolt are not wrestling powers from the initial gatekeepers and cab drivers of old. He stressed that the drivers are setting global standards and raising the bar.

“It is not about collecting jobs from anyone but innovating the thing, not only in Nigeria but globally. For example, during the time of baba mulika (old cab drivers), there were no standards. You enter a taxi and your clothes will be torn, or dirty before you get down.

“Most of them don’t have seat belts. Some don’t even have air conditioners. We brought modernisation to the system. Now, you enjoy a car with air conditioners, from point A to point B. We are just remodelling the work. That’s why I stress that the permanent thing in life is change.” He added, Ayoade, like many others, believes in the disruptive nature of technology to transform the mobility space, with a stronger focus on a consumer-centric model, available on demand

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