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Startup - July 12, 2021

Legal Tech Comes of Age in South Africa with the Innovating Justice Challenge

Tomorrow, the 13th of July will see the final part of the annual global Innovating Justice Challenge in South Africa, held by the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). The finals will select up to five winners to participate in the Justice Accelerator Programme and Secure a $12,000 funding grant.

HiiL is a social enterprise that aims to increase access to justice, making laws and regulations easy to understand and more efficient by highlighting their most effective aspects.

The social enterprise received over 200 entries from entrepreneurs with high-impact justice ideas for its annual Southern African Innovating Justice Challenge, and the top seven were chosen to pitch.

Up to five social entrepreneurs will be chosen to participate in the Justice Accelerator Programme during the event. Selected innovators will get four months of intense mentoring as well as a prize of US$12,000.

Some of the startups pitching at the even include BUA, which leverages technology to remove the hindrances faced by victims when accessing justice; LegalFundi, which helps to ensure legal compliance; Legal Ascend, which helps the bereaved manage estate executorship; and Moloa365, an online free legal advice platform.

Completing the list are Kleva Contracts, which democratises access to legal services via its online contract creation platform; IP Braai, an online platform streamlining Intellectual Property and Commercial Law; and EzyFind, which provides digital downloads of legal information and free contracts.


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