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Interviews - August 10, 2021

Onyeka Akumah: The Journey of a Serial Disruptor

Helping to drive the transformation of Africa's agriculture, real estate and transportation sectors

At only 37, Onyeka Akumah has been able to build a number of thriving businesses. The serial entrepreneur set out on his entrepreneurial journey with a keen interest in agriculture, real estate and transportation sectors.

Looking back, it’s easy to see the impact he has made in these sectors with his leading brands such as  Farmcrowdy – an agritech company, Rent Small Small – a real estate firm, Plentywaka – a transportation startup and Crowdyvest – a fintech platform. 

Over the years, Onyeka has mastered the art of doing business in this part of the world, working for notable companies like GTBank, Deloitte, Jumia and Konga. Through his expertise in technology and marketing, Onyeka is one of those entrepreneurs bringing Africa into the international business discourse through his endeavours.

He currently focuses the bulk of attention on building Nigeria’s foremost shared mobility platform Plentywaka as CEO whilst providing guidance to his other businesses. 

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Onyeka has received several awards – African Leadership Persons of the Year 2020, The Top 50 African Disruptors 2020 by The Africa Report, 50 African Innovators to Watch by Global Shakers, Vanguard’s Top 10 Nigerian CEOs Under 40 Years 2020, and a lot more. 

Business Elites Africa caught up with Onyeka on his journey so far in the transportation ecosystem in Africa, among other issues.

Q: What’s it like being a serial entrepreneur? 

I didn’t cut out to say ‘hey I want to be a serial entrepreneur’. For me, I wanted to create an impact in three sectors – agriculture, real estate and transportation. I kept on looking for how to use technology in those three sectors. My efforts turned out to become successful businesses, employing a lot of people and I’m happy about that. For me, It was more important to impact people’s lives. 

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