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Opinions - August 12, 2021

How to Define the Single Biggest Value You Provide for Your Customers

Even when you offer several services, there's always a core value from which the rest emerge. Focus on that!

One of the biggest mistakes brands make when defining what exactly their customers want is that they don’t narrow it down to a single idea. Donald Miller highlights in Building a StoryBrand that business leaders often want to mention all the services they offer from the get-go. They want the customer to see all the value they are offering at once. While this might seem like the logical thing to do, it can be very harmful to your branding and overall business. 

We’ve discussed the need to place the customers in the centre of the story. The StoryBrand 7 (SB7) framework emphasises that your brand isn’t the hero in the story, rather it’s the customer. He or she has a problem and your brand steps in as a guide to provide crucial solutions which eventually leads to the success of the hero.

With this in mind, we understand that you are not the only guide, they are a lot of other competitors in the market. The customers know this too and avoid noisy messages, opting for the most straightforward message the provides a crucial solution. This is why you can’t afford to mention every service you offer at once.

How do you narrow your customer’s need to a single thing?

It all starts from honest scrutiny of the service you’re offering. What do you offer that not only defines your brand but holds the most value for your customer? That’s how you pick your most valuable service or product. You find that once you’ve done this, it’s easy to see how your other services emerge from your identified core value. If you run a restaurant, but also provide self-service, buffet, catering, etc., you don’t want to throw these at your customers, you want to let these services be highlighted naturally. When customers know they’ll get ‘freshly cooked meals every time’, which easily serves as the centre of what they need and the value you’re offering, then you can interest them in the other services you provide. Don’t let make one of the biggest mistakes brands make and allow the true value of your brand to be lost in your messaging. 

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