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Interviews - August 13, 2021

Gil Sperling on the Biggest Challenge with South Africa’s Property Industry

Tech genuis Gil Sperling launched property tech company, Flow, in a bid to bring the South Africa and Africa up to speed with tech advancements in that industry

Gil Sperling is the co-founder and co-CEO of Flow, a proptech company. The business taps into the largest social media platforms to match people with suitable properties in South Africa.

A tech whiz, Sperling launched his entrepreneurial career as one of three founding partners of Popimedia. The adtech firm is one of Africa’s biggest performance marketing companies. And one of Facebook’s largest marketing partners.

Having attained a major milestone in the adtech ecosystem, Gil turned to his next interest, the property industry. He couldn’t overlook the slow pace of technological advancement in this industry. And so he and his co-founder Daniel Levy launched Flow, a proprietary technology which empowers estate agents, tenants and landlords.

Business Elites Africa caught up with Gil Sperling on the future of Flow, proptech in Africa and a lot more.

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What would you say is the biggest challenge right now in South Africa’s Property Tech industry?

The biggest challenge right now is the old generation of landlords or property developers. It isn’t compatible with how consumers behave and engage.

That incompatibility is the biggest challenge. It lies within how these property agencies, estate agents and developers actually engage and communicate with the millennials and generation Z of today. These individuals are used to certain modes of engagement such as social media and so on. Property transactions of this sort also require tremendous trust because of the value of the transactions.

Read the full interview HERE.

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