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Interviews - August 24, 2021

Oluwasoga Oni: Building Nigeria’s Most Robust Medical Diagnosis Infrastructure, MDaaS

During his time at MIT, Oluwasoga and some of his colleagues decided to do something about Nigeria's struggling medical diagnosis infrastructure and MDaaS was born

Oluwasoga Oni is the CEO and co-founder of MDaaS Global. Having lived in both the US and Nigeria, Oni has had a feel of the healthcare sectors and socioeconomic contexts of both countries. 

He oversees the company’s business activities in both the US and Nigeria, with a focus on building partnerships with suppliers, hospitals and clinics, employers, and health insurance providers. 

Prior to the establishment of MDaaS, Oluwasoga Oni worked as a software engineer at DELL-EMC for several years. He holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from Covenant University, a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree in System Design & Management from MIT.

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What would you say is the biggest challenge with the adoption of health technology in Africa?

The healthcare system in Nigeria is still mostly manual. Most people don’t use a lot of tech in the operating facilities, particularly smaller facilities in Lagos. People tend to use a lot of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). That’s the most common technology people use.

But with the COVID-19 people weren’t able to go to the hospital as they used to. So there was a proliferation of telemedicine apps or telemedicine businesses. Technology is not the end goal. It can help us achieve better healthcare outcomes for our people. But that’s not the only component. You know, you need to have great clinicians and facilities.

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