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Magazine - September 16, 2021

The Price of Freedom: Nnamdi Kanu – A Leader Extraordinaire

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The restraint and goodwill of the Biafran nation in the colonial experiment called Nigeria, has been shown through the decades. The no-holds-barred contribution to nation-building, social integration and the assimilation of our sons and daughters into various other cultures, is second to none. 

In every sector of the Nigerian experience, call it industry, commerce; technology; national security, the armed forces of Nigeria or the field of education, the Igbos are front and center of virtually everything, even in the face of political alienation and marginalization. 

In sports, sports development; philanthropy and international diplomacy, there is no question Igbos occupy an important place. It goes without saying that all is done with the good of the nation and community as front and center. The bitter and ugly experiences of the Nigeria-Biafra war has never been a deterrent as to where the heart, mind or resources of an Igbo man or woman should go in any matter affecting the nation or people(s) of this nation, Nigeria.

Igbos have jointly and severally embraced national reconciliation and the “One Nigeria” euphoria as a natural response to the eternal call to peace and peaceful co-existence which many trample underfoot. 

The Igbos proudly and collectively sing the national anthem of a “One Nigeria” and pay allegiance to the Nigerian flag, even while the blood of their sons and daughters are spilled on the streets paved with their bloods. Homes, Churches and factories are burnt with reckless impunity. Schools and educational systems are hijacked, students and teachers kidnapped and raped at will. Every Igbo man and woman is ordered to keep quiet or face the bitter music of brutal death.

This special edition chronicles the life of the exceptional leader and champion of the Biafra struggle, Nnamdi Kanu. It also revisits the story of the forceful and ill-conceived union that gave birth to the entity called Nigeria. In addition, this issue features major revolutions around the world and it tells the fascinating stories of some of the greatest freedom fighters that ever lived.

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