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Profiles - September 16, 2021

How this Tanzanian Businessman Built a Sh4bn Business Empire at 33

Fred Fabian Ngajiro has over 150 young people on his payroll

It is indeed everyone’s aspiration to achieve greatness earlier, but this usually comes with a prize. In a world like ours in Africa, where numerous young people have taken to fraud and wanton lifestyles, as the only way to succeed and achieve greatness, it is worthy to tell the story of the few dignified ones who are doing exceptionally well. One of them is Fred Fabian Ngajiro from Tanzania.

With over 150 youngsters working under him at the interesting age of 33 years old, the Tanzania-born gent has meticulously positioned himself as a Shilling billionaire and the world is ready to listen to him. 

This Award-winning entrepreneur, popularly known as Fred Vunjabei, is indeed revolutionizing the Tanzanian Fashion and Entertainment industry. He is a well-respected name in the fashion and entertainment industry, not ready to give up or slow down in his hunger for success.  

Fred Vunjabei gained ground in the fashion business for his quality products and his use of price penetration to take over the industry in Tanzania. It has been reported that he sold his items at ridiculously low prices, hence making a killing at the market.

According to some customers, Vunjabei’ prices are so low compared with those in other retail outlets. They say the trade name itself – which loosely translates into ‘knockdown’ or ‘throwaway’ prices – is difficult to resist.

The Beginning

The celebrated Fred Vunjabel was born in Iringa Region in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and spent his early years in Iringa. Not many know that Fred holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the Mzumbe University, from a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Dar es Salaam.

In an interview, he shared that, after college, he secured a Civil Service job – but due to his strong passion for doing and owning a business, he did not stay long in salaried employment.

“I was able to secure employment after graduation. But I quit the job and started travelling to and from South Africa in 2012 to pursue my passion,” he says…

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