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Uncategorized - September 20, 2021

Is Your Business in a Bad Location? (How to Still Make Sales)

A bad business location isn't a death sentence. Here's how to turn things around

A lot of times entrepreneurs find themselves running a business at a bad location. Amid increased talks about the importance of selecting a good location for your business, there exist several reasons why businesses still end up in a bad location. It could be because of the expense. Some entrepreneurs launch businesses in areas projected to have a lot of activity in the months or years to come. 

Whether you’re in a bad location by choice or circumstance, it’s not the end of the road. Here are some great ways to continue to make sales despite having your business in a bad location.

1. Put a Positive Spin on it

Running a restaurant or hotel for instance, in a remote location can be really tough. But you can get your sales going by starting with the prospective customers around you. Take the story of Allen Tackett who opened a coffee in Lebanon at a location notorious for housing failed business. Tackett named the business “Underdog Coffee”, this was a name the people could relate to and this time, on a positive note. He used attractive backlit signage and served very high-quality coffee. A decade later, and Underdog Coffee is still going strong.

2. Get Noticed

You can have a big opening campaign with freebies and have the local station publicise it. This will get the local community talking about your business. Don’t forget to keep your online marketing strong. You can start with free ones such as Google My Business and organic social media coverage.

3. Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

The perceived value in your brand will increase if you personalise your services. Take the coffee shop, for instance, you can offer special brews or services, open shop at special times, offer promotions, or any initiative that creates a special memory for the customer.

4. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Find local businesses that offer complementary or similar services to yours and join forces. Provide enhanced value for the people whilst showcasing to the outsiders, why life and business in your community are worthwhile. This way, you’re growing each other’s businesses and attracting more activity to the area.

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