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BEA TV - September 24, 2021

How to 10x your Sales Using Social Media

Businesses underplaying social media selling are losing tons of money

If you are not maximizing the reach of social media platforms to quadruple sales for your business, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Frankly, any business still underplaying the power of social media selling in 2021 is already decades behind. So, let’s bring you up to speed.

Why you should take social selling seriously

As of January 2021, according to Optinmonster, the volume of people using social media stood at 3.2 billion globally. This translates to 45% global penetration. In Africa, the largest share of social media users is from countries in Northern and Southern Africa.

social media penetration infographics
Image by Statista.

According to Statista, 45% of the northern Africa population use social media, while 41% of the South African population use it. West Africa comes at 16% while East Africa users are 10%.

The 2021 report by Optinmonster also captures statistics of salespeople who use social media to drive sales. It says 78% of them are outselling their peers who don’t use social media.

Over 30% of Business to Business (B2B) professionals say that social selling has allowed them to build deeper relationships with clients, while 71% of all sales professionals and 90% of top salespeople are already using social selling tools. And this number rapidly increases with the younger generation – 78% of millennials say they use social selling tools.

Important point

However, it is important to know that social selling is not just about running paid ads or posting ‘salesy’ content. In fact, that is counterproductive.  Data has shown that the most successful businesses on social media do not outrightly sell their product or service all the time. Instead, they build a relationship with their prospects and nurture them.

Instead of pushing ads, promotional emails, or unsolicited phone calls in your audience’s faces, try building brand awareness and cultivate relationships with your potential customers. This way, you’ll make a kill selling anything to them.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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