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Edtech - September 24, 2021

New eLearn – AAU Partnership will Deliver Free Courses to Students Across Africa

Africa's edtech industry remains promising

A new partnership between eLearn Africa and The Association of African Universities (AAU) will help develop, create, and deploy learning management systems across the continent, offering university students access to free online courses.

eLearnAfrica is an online marketplace for education that was launched in 2016 with the goal of making it easier to locate and enrol in online courses, degrees, and professional certifications from institutions all over the world. Its web platform connects users of all educational levels to reputable third-party and cooperatively generated material, providing them with personalised suggestions. The firm has collaborated with online learning providers to take courses from some of the world’s most prestigious institutions available.

The AAU-eLearnAfricaLMS instructional content will be available via a website and app as part of the collaboration.

The platform’s goal is to help African universities by providing free e-learning tools that make online courses more accessible while also producing revenue for universities, institutes, and schools. A total of 400 universities and 20 million students are projected to benefit across Africa. The AAU-eLearnAfricaLMS has added 40 universities since its inception two months ago.

The edtech business in Africa continues to have a bright future. According to a study conducted by GSMA Intelligence, 66% of Sub-Saharan Africa will own a smartphone by 2025. Signalling increased accessed to the internet as well as online learning platforms.

In 2019, the COVID-29 epidemic prompted a significant shift in online learning. As the popularity of online learning grew, so did the number of people who adopted it. In 2019, investment for Africa’s EdTech industry increased from $7,651,100 across 26 transactions to $13,720,500 over 28 projects in 2020. EdTech firms have raised $12.83 million in reported investment so far in 2021. When compared to the same period in 2020, this is an increase of 89.5 percent. These online learning firms have been able to expand their reach and improve their offerings as a result of the increased financing.

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