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Insight & Analysis - October 18, 2021

How to Worry Less and Make More Sales

Seasoned saleperson Tom Stern shares how to overcome anxiety and convince customers

You might have heard entrepreneurs talk about their product being so good that it’ll sell itself. While this is plausible, it’s sometimes a statement born out of worry that the product could be rejected, impacting the expected amount of sales.

Tom Stern in his book Fear Less, Sell More: Find Your Courage and Make Millions, tells the story of how he overcame anxiety and developed a framework that helped him achieve tremendous success in the entertainment industry.

“What makes you great, can also destroy you. What you survive can enhance you. The kind of drive and ambition it takes to run a company creates a nervous system that is hot-wired…so potentially this sets you up for anxiety.” He said.

Tom intriguingly overcame his anxiety by turning it into a game when every he spoke with prospective clients over the phone, “every time I was on the phone, it was like I was on a stage, and I was going to give the person the performance of my life. It reduced my anxiety and I think theirs”.

As technology continues to advance and transform different aspects of business, automation is starting to take centre stage. And a regular question remains; are we approaching a time when sales are wholly driven by AI and thus no need for any form of human input? The debate continues as we look to the future with deep curiosity.

However, Tom believes that automation will not replace the authenticity of human interaction in sales. He said, “what is irreplaceable is human relationships and that is where sales come in”. Highlighting the distinction between in-person and over the phone sales, Tom states that it becomes a lot more complicated to onboard a prospect when you can’t see them face to face. He emphasises that “you have to become more intuitive since it is more difficult to sense what the person thinks.”

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