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Tech - October 22, 2021

South African Startup BotsZA is Helping Companies Improve Talent Using AI

AI relieving stress and improving efficiency in companies

The South African Startup BotsZA Projects (Pty) Limited, incorporated in November 2016 to help companies improve talents using AI. Founded by Harmony Monthibe, an enthusiast, who is passionate about solving real-world problems through Technology and Innovation.

The firm grew from a hustling startup to a well-established startup company with processes and systems in place. With, also an obvious purpose to deliver value to clients and their customers. The creation of the brand took place over pizza and drinks in Rosebank on a Friday afternoon. It became registered the following Monday, and their brand colour became red within a week.

BotsZA is a firm passionate about creating goods and solutions that improve people’s lives. This becomes possible by aiding enterprises in integrating their products and solutions into their business process. This is to help them increase productivity, efficiency, and provide an amazing customer experience. 

The brand’s primary focus is on research and development of products and solutions. New technologies power this in the fields of AI, automation, and Conversational AI chatbots.

The South African Startup has the pivotal purpose of resolving three major difficulties inside any department or organisation:Unnecessary time spent on tasks, repetition of Procedures, and manual processes/ procedures.

“A lot of processes in organisations are very repetitive, manual and time-consuming which results in the use of expensive resources to handle these procedures which takes longer on average. This results in inefficiencies within the business and operating environment” said Harmoney Mothibe the startup founder and director.

South African Startup BotsZa Aiding Organisations to better Liaise with Customers Using Artifical Intelligence

BotsZa is assisting businesses both locally and worldwide in integrating its two primary products, Hazie and MASON, into their company processes. This is to increase productivity and efficiency while also providing an excellent experience for their employees and consumers.

Hazie is a talent acquisition tool that streamlines the job application process for first-time job applicants. It also streamlines and automates an end-to-end employment process for organizations, including bursaries, internships, learnerships, apprenticeships, and graduate applications.

“Our products are being utilised daily by some of the big financial services, colleges and insurance companies locally. We pride ourselves on the fact that all products are developed in-house leveraging, off a team with a deep understanding of technology and exceptional technical ability,” said Harmony Monthibe the startup’s founder.

“Talent acquisition teams within organizations experience a high volume of applications which results in the use of expensive resources to screen candidates, which takes longer on average. We noticed that businesses are also experiencing a high volume of repetitive queries which results in the use of expensive resources to respond to queries which take longer on average- resulting in inefficiencies within the business and operating: and reputational damage due to unactioned items”

Hazie and Mason are two programs that address these issues and use a variety of organizations. Also including South Africa’s four largest banks. BotsZA was self-funded for the first three years until enrolling in the IBM Techscale program in 2019. This resulted in the company receiving grant financing to help it grow. It is currently getting seed money in order to expand further. Mothibe is looking to expand into new areas of the human capital market.

“Our current clients are in the financial services, educational institutions and retailers space; however, we are ultimately looking to service any organisation that operates in human capital and high volume client services,” he said.

The South African Startup BotsZa saw income grow by over 50% between 2019 and 202o. This shows that it broke even, and is currently focusing on funding to scale, despite hurdles posed by the COVID-19 epidemic.


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