Nigerian Startup AmplifiHub is Empowering Musicians
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Entertainment - November 3, 2021

Nigerian Startup AmplifiHub is Empowering Musicians to Monetise

AmplifiHub is building a hub for many experts that compose good African music

Nigerian startup AmplifiHub is empowering musicians, music producers and songwriters to monetise their music. The platform launched in 2019 to help assist African music producers and musicians to make a living from their profession both locally and abroad.

Co-founded by Sarz, a Nigerian leading music producer for popular artists like Wizkid and Tiwa Savage,  came into partnership with American Beats marketplace Airbit. AmplifiHub is making a home for many experts that compose good African music. The platform allows you to sell African beats, and buy African beats. It also provides professional African music production services.

The Nigerian Startup AmplifiHub is continuously empowering musicians to generate revenue opportunities. This includes owning an online beat store, and connecting them with potential customers via a chat feature. It also allows them to collaborate with creative peers while also providing access to high-quality African loops and samples.

“We look forward to a long-lasting partnership between Amplifihub and Airbit.” Amplifihub’s COO, Ezekiel Olayinka said. 

“Our mission is to create pathways to sustainable careers for some of the most talented audio creators on the planet, the world’s producers. This collaboration with Amplifihub lets us extend our mission to a new region and new creator communities” said Judah Wierdre, COO at Airbit.

Going Deeper

During the early days after the launch of the brand, streaming service revenues increased nearly 20% to $8.8 billion in 2019. This is accounting for 79.5% of all recorded music income, according to Statistica. Music streaming is estimated to reach $493 million in Africa by 2025. Nigeria’s music streaming market is now valued at $40 million and is expected to expand by 10% by 2023.

The startup’s operations lead, Ezekiel Olayinka, gave a few comments on how creatives often struggled to monetise their work.

“We’re trying to fill that gap by creating a market space where sound composers and all other non-front facing creative such as sound engineers, mixers and songwriters can monetise their creativity and their musical works,” he said. 

Essentially, a producer may join the platform and interact with other producers, songwriters, artists, and other creatives. This will help in bringing in people that show interest in collaborating with them. As an e-commerce platform, it is unusual in this sense.

“We are an early market entrant trying to solve this problem in Africa particularly. When you look outside of Africa we have Airbit, Splice, BeatPro and a couple of other e-commerce platforms for sound composers and producers,” Olayinka said.

However, Olayinka adds that there are currently no top competitors in Africa attempting to tackle the problem the brand is attempting to solve. Or even trying to bridge the gap that we see in the African creative space.  

Despite being self-funded so far, AmplifiHub facilitates over two million beat plays. The brand also surpasses 10,000 users on its platform.

“The uptake has really been impressive when you consider the number of producers in Nigeria and also in Africa. A lot of young producers are now signing up to understand that their beat can actually go beyond their immediate community,” said Olayinka. 

Advertisements, revenues split from beat sales, and licensing are all sources of money for AmplifiHub. However, Olayinka stated that, for the time being, the company is concentrating on getting its producers out there. This step will allow them to collaborate, take part and communicate.

“We want to monetise but our next four-to-five-year plan is not about monetisation as core. But creating a vehicle-like platform where producers can access lots of tools, collaborate with one another, and can export their sounds across Africa and the world,” he said.

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