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Agrictech - November 8, 2021

5 African Agrictech Startups that are Using AI to Boost Productivity and Profitability

These African agrictech startups are leveraging AI to boost agriculture on the continent.

African agritech startups are adding great value to the farming industry through artificial intelligence (AI) technology solutions. Agriculture is highly important for human survival and lays the groundwork for humans to become more productive, talented, and intelligent. We face serious challenges here in Africa, such as feeding an ever-increasing number of people while safeguarding our planet’s ever-dwindling resources. 

Africa is quickly establishing itself as a global leader in agritech. Over the period of 2016 to 2019, the sector increased by 44% year on year. The continent now has the largest number of agritech services in the developing world, reaching over 33 million.

Agriculture already contributes 14% of Africa’s GDP and employs 52% of the continent’s workers. Africa is predicted to triple its agricultural output by 2030. This is because of increasing expenditures in inputs, storage facilities, and irrigation infrastructure. 

Agric startups that are using tech and AI have played a significant role in aiding and increasing the growth of agriculture. There are now seamless and innovative ways to improve agricultural production with drones, mobile apps, satellites, or smartphones.

Let’s look at the 5 agric startups that are using AI to boost agriculture in Africa

Aerobotics- South Africa

Aerobotics, is one of the African agritech startups using AI solutions in the industry. The South Africa-based startup provides intelligent solutions to agriculture businesses across the world. Aerobotics was founded in 2014, with the goal of developing tools for fruit and tree farmers. Its technology uses artificial intelligence, drones, and robotics. This is for the purpose of tracking and assessing the health of crops, such as detecting sick trees and tracking pests and diseases. It further provides analytics for better production management.

By gathering and analysing both tree and fruit footage from citrus growers early in the season, the business has advanced its technology and now offers farmers with independent and trustworthy yield estimations and harvest timetables. Farmers may then plan their stock, forecast demand, and ensure that their customers receive the highest quality produce possible.

Agrix Tech –  Cameroon

Founded in 2018, Agrix Tech is a pocket consultant solution for farmers. The platform enables all users to use the app for the betterment of their crops. Farmer can scan their ailing plant using the Agrix Tech app, which automatically analyses the recorded video using machine learning techniques. It also provides the farmer with sustainable and environmentally friendly treatment ideas. 

The software aids in the provision of advice and task reminders to farmers throughout the entire production cycle. This includes seeding, growing, and storage. It helps to identify which types of crops would be appropriate for the farmland. It also helps in maintaining your field on a daily basis by reminding you of best practices.

SyeComp – Ghana

Founded in 2009, SyeComp is a Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems startup based in Accra with a satellite office in Nairobi that pioneers revolutionary data-driven tools, credit solutions, and climate-smart technologies leveraging space technology for Africa’s farmers and agribusinesses.

SyeComp is working on a sophisticated geospatial survey and mapping system that incorporates optical and radar remote sensing technologies, as well as imagery captured by drones. Farm mapping, localised weather forecasts, and even a mobile crediting solution called mFarmPay that generates a credit score for rural farmers. 


FarmX is a mobile-enabled B2B2C platform that connects on-demand farmers with agro service providers via a mobile payment system. The platform allows for more efficient food production and market access.

Founded in 2014, FarmX streamlines every aspect of agricultural and agribusiness operations, allowing farmers and food value chain actors to gain size and scope-based benefits, mitigate risk, and remain profitable in a rapidly changing market.


Promagric aids farmers in the fight against crop diseases. This helps to reduce agricultural losses. Using Artificial Intelligence in this application helps to diagnose agricultural illnesses from an image, increasing production and profitability.

Founded in 2017 to help farmers use AI to diagnose problems through the startups’ knowledge base of plant disease. Promagric is a platform built by expert agronomists and farmers.

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