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Entrepreneurs - November 8, 2021

Great Freelance Platforms in Nigeria You Probably Don’t Know About 

Uncovering freelance opportunities on leading e-commerce stores

Freelancing in Nigeria can be tough for peculiar reasons you don’t often hear about. Nigerians are usually under suspicion on top freelance platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork, due to the bad reputation of Nigeria with internet fraud.

Several freelance trainings have sprung up online to help freelancers make the best of these international freelancing platforms. However, they don’t quite address the issue of regional discrimination. Your best bet as a freelancer in a “third world” country is to leverage your home base advantage. There are several freelance platforms in Nigeria that you can use and earn thousands of naira. Interestingly a lot of these platforms don’t brand themselves as freelance platforms, but what’s important is using them to get gigs and they do that just fine. 

Let’s look at freelance platforms in Nigeria you probably didn’t know offered such a service. 

Facebook Jobs

When you think about freelancing, Facebook is probably the last place that comes to mind. But considering the number of new freelance jobs that are posted daily on Facebook Jobs, it becomes easy to see how you’re missing on a huge opportunity. All you need to do is log into your Facebook account, go to the menu and select ‘Jobs’. You can find part-time, full-time and freelance jobs that take hours to complete.


The Nigerian e-commerce platform Jiji, brings everyday people together to buy and sell goods and services on its marke place. Jiji has gained a reputation of having some of the most affordable prices but one of its features you might have overlooked as a freelancer is the ‘sell a service’ option. Where you can list services and find lot of buyers. Once you’re signed in to your Jiji account, click on “Sell” and scroll to service.


Olist is a market place that can best be described as a jack of all trades. It features consumers goods, automobiles, real estate, services and a lot more. Under the services option, you can list what you do as a freelancer and start making sales. Log into you Olist account and select “Start Selling”.


Habari is a marketplace created by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB), it is the first platform in Nigeria created by a financial institution to focus more on people’s lifestyles rather than provide regular banking services. Signup on Habari and add the freelance service you offer under the services option. 

These platforms all have one huge thing in common, the home base advantage. They don’t have the regional discrimination you get on foreign platforms as a Nigerian. With the aforementioned platforms, payments can easily be made into your local account eliminating the hassle with international payment platforms like Paypal which officially doesn’t receive payments in Nigeria. There’s also the advantage of domesticated services. People are starting to understand that you need a Nigerian designer, for instance, to create art that deeply resonates with the people and their culture.

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