4 Ways to Never Run Out of Social Media Content Ideas
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4 Ways to Never Run Out of Social Media Content Ideas

Creating evergreen content on social media is non-negotiable

When people think of social media, they immediately think of a sophisticated medium to interact with the world.

To earn a community base on social media, one that is invested in your content, willing to subscribe to your platform to enjoy regular uploads, is not as straightforward as it might appear.

Carving a niche, developing a proper content creation and deployment strategy, and then following through with it until you grow this desired community might seem as easy as ABC, but that’s not so.

So, before you start harassing and spamming your followers with content with the hope that they see you as engaging, here are some hacks that can help your content creation process. It will only be efficient towards gaining virality, but that will also make your content creation exciting and exceptional.

1. Create content that outlives the current times

The topics and contents that are evergreen attract a constant level of sustained interest. They do not experience significant seasonal peaks and troughs in demand.

Whatever the news, whatever the time of year, people always want to consume content around these topics. The information in evergreen content pieces is always fresh for readers looking to answer a question or learn more.

So when looking to create content on your social media space, your goal should be to create content that remains timeless. The avenues for these are also endless. Bantering on current societal issues while offering immediate gratification in terms of engagement might not be helpful in the longer term and will have such content become quickly irrelevant.

What’s also interesting is that creating content that outlives the current times is not significantly more complex than the generic content creation patterns you already follow. 

Learn to differentiate between trending posts and evergreen posts for your social media topics and know the appropriate keywords to use to make your content valuable over time. Pay attention and avoid the use of specific dates and events in your content. Also, focusing on informative content like How-Tos and other types of in-depth guides and tutorials, or just generally repurposing your content for future use, are strategies for creating more evergreen content for your social media pages that will outlive the current times.

2. Use what others say 

Let’s face it: social platforms are about being sociable. Your fans, followers, or members of your personal or business community desire inspirational, informative, optimistic, entertaining, or humorous content. The reality of this is that this type of content cannot always be created organically.

For example, as a business on social media, you want to avoid the common loophole of over-selling on your pages. It has been proven that too many ad promotions drive followers away. So in the bid to blend sales posts with generic posts, quotes from other persons are a sure-proof way to go. They not only generate social media engagement from your followers, but such content helps to foster positive relationships with your existing and intended customers and increases your trustworthiness and perceived value.

However, while aiming to explore quotes for content generation, do not get used to only posting inspirational-type posts. There are other quotes around industry trends, leaders, education/information, statistics, humor, and even customer testimonials that your audience will find interesting and worthy of engagement.

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3. Use others, don’t overburden yourself

As a brand or a business, no doubt you have a product or service you offer. Chances, therefore, are that you have some satisfied customers.
This is where employing the help of others (in particular, your customers) to generate content for your social media pages comes to play.

Statistics show that consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view user-generated content as authentic than content created by brands. This offers brands a vital credibility boost since most people say less than half of brands create genuine content anyway.

The truth is, whether it’s a product, a service, or an experience, modern consumers want to know what they’re going to get before they order. So not only does showcasing your business being patronized by your existing customers help to boost trust in your existing customer base, but it also helps attract the intending ones to patronize.

In using others to create content for your social media pages, it’s essential to share unique user-generated content in a way to spark brand desire. Showcase content by your existing users that inspires brand loyalty and be intentional about what type of content your customers want you to post viz-a-viz how it positions your brand. You should also always request permission and credit the original content creator while making use of their content.

4. Be ‘business’ minded with your content 

There are many How-To guides on ways to use social media to promote your business events, but seldom few point out the fact that you can also push your social media engagement by creating videos centered on your business’ events and activities

Similar to employing user-generated materials to create content for one’s social media pages, it is recommended that businesses endeavour to capture their business events on their social media pages.

They should capture audio/videos reels and images from such events and discuss the highlights of the events. They should engage people who may have attended such events on their social media pages. These are sure-proof ways of creating content that followers will find relatable.



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