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Insight & Analysis - December 1, 2021

Report Shows Africa’s Energy Professionals are more Positive than Global Peers on their future in the industry

The report surveyed nearly of 17,000 energy experts globally.

A new report from Brunel and the Oil and Gas Jobs Search, shows that energy professionals in Africa are more committed to staying in the industry long-term than their peers in other regions.

In a survey of nearly 17,000 energy experts globally, it was revealed that 31% of respondents in Africa would contemplate leaving the industry within the next five years. This was the lowest percentage for any region and is contrasted with a global average of 43%.

Although there was a lower number of energy professionals in Africa who indicated they were considering quitting the business, it was nevertheless considerable and might contribute to the persistent skills deficit cited by recruiters.

Low pay was the most stated cause for African employees with  28 per cent of respondents considering leaving the industry for this reason. 

When asked about the most pressing difficulties confronting the energy business, 27 percent of African recruiters cited skills shortages. Skills shortages were mentioned as a challenge on par with the threat posed by a shift away from oil and gas owing to climate change worries, which trails the unpredictability of recurring cycles of boom and bust cited by 36 percent of recruiters.

To address skills shortages, 52 percent of recruiters said their organisations were investing in the training and development of their existing personnel, while 28 percent stated apprenticeships were being leveraged.

With 42 percent of respondents worldwide focused on staff training and development, African enterprises are ahead of the global curve. The continent also leads the way in the use of apprenticeships, which is only used by 15% of energy enterprises worldwide.

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