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Tips - December 1, 2021

What you should do before launching your Product

Here are the steps you should take before launching your product or service.

If you intend to float a new product or service, launching your launch is the best way to introduce it to the marketplace and your target audience. It is easy to get distracted by many other things including sales outcomes. Don’t get ahead of yourself, carefully plan a product launch. Rushing to the market is setting yourself up for failure.

Here are the steps you should take before launching your product or service.

Define Your Target Audience or consumers

Resist the urge to believe the misleading idea that ‘everybody is my target audience.’ No, not everyone needs or wants your product! Just because you sell food or water doesn’t mean you should have a general audience. There are several other factors to consider when carving a niche audience. For example, demographics, interests, income level etc. 

Hence, you must have a well-defined target audience for effective marketing and to maximise your ads budget. To identify these factors, there is a need to conduct comprehensive market research. This will form the foundation for the product launch plan.

Know-How To Reach Your Audience

When you have identified your target audience, determine the best way to reach them. To do this, Online Visibility Expert, David Kley recommends that you get into the mind of your target audience and understand the best way to get to them and how they will interpret your ad. Then, use this knowledge to plan your marketing.

Know The Problem You’re Solving

It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the problem your product is solving and for who. Knowing the “who” and “why” of your product is primary to the product itself. Hence, always keep your “who” and “why” in mind. By doing this, your product will be different, thereby giving you an edge over existing competition.

According to Taja Dockendorf, a branding genius, there was a first to market for every outstanding brand idea. Aspire to be the leader and innovate.

Understand The Buying Journey

The marketing and sales operations of any product are grounded on the buying process. Therefore, you need to understand and be aware of how buyers obtain information about a new product and who and what influences their purchase. A Growth Marketing advisor, Lisa Allocca says that customers have varied expectations for interacting with you depending on where they are in the buying process.

Secure Your Online Identity

With the high cybersecurity risk in this digital age, it is wise to protect your domain names, trademarks, social media accounts among others before launching your product. 

“It is critical to secure all these before launching anywhere. Oftentimes your domain name and other critical marketing vehicles can be held for a very expensive price,” says Duree Ross, an award-winning PR entrepreneur.

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