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Lifestyle - December 25, 2021

7 Items You Should be Selling this Christmas

To increase your sales this festive Christmas, here are seven items you should be selling at your store! 

Christmas is a wonderful time for gift exchanges with family, friends and loved ones, It is also a wonderful time for business growth. It is preferable for you to know the important items to be selling on Christmas, so you can make more profits this season.

This time of year is always graced with a plethora of activities, resulting in a significant increase in the amount of money spent on various items and services. In Africa, precisely Nigeria people fondly participate in events they couldn’t do all through the year like concert, shopping, family gatherings on Christmas day.

To increase your sales this festive period, here are seven items you should be selling this Christmas.

Frozen Chicken

This item is self-evident. For chicken producers and traders, Christmas is a goldmine. If you start a chicken farm now, specifically broilers, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear after your Christmas sales. 

You can meet poultry farms and preorder their product before everyone else, even if you don’t have one. You can then sell them over the Christmas season. 

Christmas Trees and Lights

One of the most popular items purchased today are Christmas tree and lights. It creates a beautiful allure in various places during Christmas. As one of the most demanded Christmas product, you can venture into the sale of Christmas trees and lights as you would be certain of selling out almost all, if not all your stock. 


Every Christmas, firecrackers are used to generate beautiful illumination in the sky as well as to make cracking sounds when tossed on the ground. They bring people together since children and teenagers enjoy lighting their firecrackers in groups. You can take advantage of this high demand by selling firecrackers during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


Wines, beer, water, beverage drinks, health drinks, and a variety of other beverages are suitable for celebrations, leisure, and outings. You can open a bar or a business selling wines and spirits. You can also import beverages and sell them to market vendors. You have a lot of options. There is profit to be made.

Gift Baskets, Boxes & Hampers

Christmas is a season of giving, many people purchase gifts for their loved ones, family members, business acquaintances, and others. Because of this presenting culture, gift baskets, boxes, and hampers sell out quickly throughout the Christmas season.

Event & Party Items

With so many events going on, selling and renting event materials including tents, staging items, party supplies, chairs & tables, table attire, linens and chair covers, and much more to event managers would help you increase your sales during the holidays.

Accessories for mobile phones

Unless you’re already a dealer, it may be difficult to obtain goods in modest quantities and sell them. However, it is worth investigating because phones and accessories sell like hotcakes during this time of year.


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