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Don’t Enter 2022 without Knowing the Difference between a Customer and a Consumer

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The end goal of every business is to make sales. You can supercharge your sales by understanding the difference between your customer and consumer. There’s so much noise between what a customer and customer is, it’s easy to think they the same thing. But they aren’t, so let’s look at the difference.

Customer Vs Consumer 

Understanding the difference between a customer and a consumer can be tricky from the onset, but we’ll look at the two separately and find a defining factor that sets them apart.

Who is a Customer?

A customer is someone who buys a product or service from you. This person initiates the financial transaction for your offering. This may be further explained with the help of this example. Assume a woman purchased some candy for her children. The mother is the customer in this example, while her children are the consumers.

Attracting the customer is the common thread that connects all businesses. This is a good approach but sometimes, like the aforementioned example, it’s the consumer that requires more attention in the marketing efforts. 

Only once a client has been sufficiently attracted and persuaded to purchase a product or service, only then can it move to the consumer in the chain. Marketers, constantly strive to influence the clients first. This encourages people to buy and return for more. They understand that once they persuade clients to return and purchase, sales and money will follow.

Who is a Consumer?

A consumer is a person who uses the service or product. Another way to look at this is,  any entity that does not have the option of reselling the product or service and instead uses it for its intended purpose is the consumer.

Leverage the Difference Between a Customer and a Consumer

All in all, a customer is a person who buys goods and services from your business. While a consumer is the one who uses your product or service. Many times, the customer is also the consumer, but sometimes that’s not the case. For instance, you make lollipop for kids, those are your consumers but since children don’t have the purchasing power they aren’t your customers, the parents are.  Marketing to your consumers can be a very powerful strategy. Even though they don’t buy directly, they hold a strong influence on your customers. amazon prime video streaming Africa.

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