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Opinions - January 1, 2022

Nigerian Elites Share their Outlook for 2022

Put in place of the above paragraph: Let's look at their end of the year speech to welcome 2022.

As the world parts with the year 2021, Nigerian Elites gave their outlook for the year 2022. Their address urged Nigerians to be peaceful, patriotic, and optimistic about the new year.

The speeches addressed some of the challenges in 2021 and the approaches to handling 2022. According to them, it should be with an optimistic mindset. It, therefore, serves as a reawakening of Nigerians to the need for togetherness rather than individualism.

The following Nigerian Elites shared their outlook during their end-of-year speeches to welcome 2022.

Former President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

According to Jonathan, the new year is filled with opportunities that can be used to build and make the country better for the upcoming generations. To attain this, he, therefore, urges Nigerians and other Africans to build inclusive, just, and peaceful communities as the world welcome the year 2022.

He said, “I congratulate fellow Nigerians, Africans and friends across the world for the opportunity of entering into the New Year, 2022. The past year was characterised by many global challenges amid the ravaging effect of COVID -19 and its variants. We have continued to live with the new realities imposed by the pandemic and consequences resulting from existing problems such as insecurity, poverty and climate change.

Across the world, there is a global demand for justice, peace, hope, security and sustainable development. Building an inclusive, just, and peaceful society is a task that we must prioritise in 2022, as we cannot afford the luxury of a nation with endless agitations. 2022 presents to us new opportunities to build our country for ourselves, our children and grandchildren”.

He adds that “Let us, therefore, live in love and unity, pursue peace and justice in all spheres and all our engagements”.

Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar

In the new year message, Atiku advised Nigerians to promote peace and unity in 2022 as hate and strive are enemies to a nation’s development. He says, “We cannot continue to kick the same can down the road, yet again. We need a reawakening. And it is a reawakening that must invigorate our unity as one people of one good country. That is the commitment that we must pursue in this New Year”.

He notes that “the outgone year came and went with challenges, especially with the second, third and fourth waves of the dreaded Corona-Virus Disease; sundry upsets that troubled the peace and security in different parts of the country; a depressing economy and many touching stories of tragedies. For Nigerians, who lost dear ones to these calamities, it is my prayer that God shall continue to comfort the bereaved families”.

According to him, with the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the country, the year 2022 promises to be one to remember as it is full of hope and optimism that comes once in a lifetime.

Former Governor of Abia State and Chief Whip of the Senate, Dr Orji Kalu

Dr Orji Kalu, former Governor of Abia State and Senate Chief Whip, advised Nigerians to be steadfast, patriotic, and optimistic as we welcome the year 2022.

He says, “As we approach the new year, it is imperative to reflect on our achievements and challenges as individuals and as a nation. No doubt, 2021 was a year of sober reflection and celebrations. To attain enviable heights, we must shun acts that divide the country.

The time is now for Nigerians, regardless of political, ethnic and religious differences, to sustain peace and harmony to build a just society. No country can thrive in an atmosphere of disharmony. Nigeria’s cultural, ethnic and religious diversity must be harnessed for the growth and progress of the country. We must not allow political or religious sentiments to take Nigeria backwards”, he says.

The former governor also emphasised the need for leaders at all levels of government to prioritise the welfare of the people, stating that the government and the people must work together to establish a prosperous, unified, and indivisible Nigeria.

He says, “Let us engage people in government in constructive criticisms as against hate speech and campaign of calumny. In the new year, we must imbibe good moral conduct in our daily pursuits for the sake of peace and unity”.

National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

In his new year address, Tinubu urges Nigerians to begin the year 2022 with optimism and the unwavering conviction that our hope and collective effort would prevail in bringing out a more wealthy and just nation.”

He notes that 2021 was challenging for all and said, “Insecurity is here in many areas. But we will battle and battle until it is subdued and extinguished from the face of the nation. President Muhammadu Buhari and our security agencies are doing their best to confront the menace. The President has vowed to end this evil. Let’s join and support him in this common cause regardless of partisan or other affiliation”.

Tinubu, therefore, urges Nigerians to “Let us focus on these things. In achieving these things, we achieve a better Nigeria for us all. I urge Nigerians to continue to be law-abiding, peaceful and most strongly committed to the national project upon which we have embarked and for which so many have toiled and sacrificed.

Let us vow in an unshakable promise to dedicate this year and our strongest effort to the welfare and progress of our people”, he says.

Governor of Osun State, Adegboyega Oyetola

In his speech, he encouraged the people of Osun State to begin the new year with renewed hope and faith.

In the statement given by the Chief Press Secretary, Ismail Oyetola, the governor says, “2022 is no doubt an election year for us in Osun. But I want to assure the good people of Osun that governance will not go on holiday. As we have proved in the last three years that it is not our style to mix politics with governance, we will continue to deliver on our camping promises”.

He says the objective of the administration is to promote inclusive socio-economic progress, as outlined in the Osun Development Plan for the next ten years (2019-2028). These are grounded in four developmental goals: economic development, infrastructure development, human capital development and security, and environmental sustainability.

Hence, “We are resolute on gearing up the momentum of building on the achievements so far, and by so doing, delivering accelerated economic growth and development”, he says.

Apart from the people mentioned above, other Nigerian elites, such as the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Anyim Pius Anyim, gave their outlook for 2022.


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