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African CEOs - January 1, 2022

Sam Baddo: Renovating the African Healthcare Space after the Death of his Grandmother 

With an ambition on renovating the broken health care system, Ghana entrepreneur Sam Baddo aims at making the African health care startup space more flexible for the continent’s immigrants to purchases healthcare plans for their loved ones back home without sending cash.

Business Elites Africa sat with Baddo on a series of crucial issues in Africa’s healthcare industry and how he plans on using his startup to alleviate it. You can read the full interview HERE.

BEA: What inspired you to go into the health-tech space?

Sam Baddo: My first thought when starting Fleri wasn’t healthcare. It was more from providing additional ways immigrants living abroad can support their families back home, other than sending cash. There is a personal and mathematical reason I chose healthcare. The emotional reasoning was that last February, I lost my grandmother. And it wasn’t because we couldn’t afford healthcare for her. All of her children send her money. But it was because when she receives the money, prioritising her healthcare is so difficult. After all, she has the physical cash with her. And to her, other things she could spend her money on are more important than her health. 

Most people in Africa don’t go to a hospital until it’s late. That is when they are really feeling sick and in pain. 

My grandmother’s passing sprung up the question in my mind about how could we have prevented that.

The second reason is that 83% of immigrants essentially spend money because they think there’s a healthcare emergency going on. There are so many people who use that to collect money from their relatives, which makes people send money back home because they think they’re solving a healthcare issue. And so, the question of how to address that transparency was the problem we wanted to solve.

BEA: What are the benefits people can get through your platform? 

Sam Baddo: Being on a Fleri care plan offers lots of benefits for the end-user, the beneficiary in the African country, ranging from the ability to access healthcare on a 24/7 basis. You can literally wake up any day and need a doctor to check you and not have to worry about getting a card. Or staying in a line at the hospital, or even to get your tests done. Those things discourage people.

We eliminate that by allowing the person who cares most about you and living abroad to sponsor that level of care for you. We also provide preventative home care. It comes with all of our plans, where we send a nurse to you every quarter to talk and figure out how you’re doing? If you are eating well? Are you taking care of yourself? Is your mental state okay? What’s your blood pressure? Like your blood sugar level?.




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