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Profiles - January 2, 2022

Tomi Davies: The Journey of Africa’s Top Angel Investor

Tomi Davies grew up in Lagos, the commercial centre of Nigeria. After his receiving his early education, he left for the United States and studied a series of business and data processing courses at the University of Miami and the Miami School of Business.

His Career

Davies’ career started with his role at IBM as a Systems Engineer before returning to Nigeria to join the oil giant Elf Acquitaine’s marketing company where he was the head of Data Processing. In 1990, he joined Marks and Spencer and became head of IT Research, building the brand’s first website. He later joined Ernst & Young and became the company’s Executive Consultant where his clients included AB&B, Legal & General, Prudential and Novartis.

In the late 1990s when there was a massive growth in the adoption of the internet, Davies led the E&Y business incubator Futurewealth as the chief operating officer. Following the acquisition of its consulting practice by Cap Gemini, Davies and his team moved to Sapient. He was head of strategy at the digital consulting company where he built a robust website for the United Kingdom government.

Davies returned to Nigeria as the chief operating officer of public-sector consultants Alteq, where he supervised the Federal Government of Nigeria’s implementation of the first-ever biometric-based Integrated Payroll & Personnel System (IPPIS), which was sponsored by the World Bank.

In 2009, Davies became the chief executive officer of TechnoVision after helping to launch the company in 1999. TechnoVision is a technology advisory and solutions firm with offices in London and Lagos. The company serves both commercial and public-sector clients. He served as the company’s chief operating officer from 2010 until 2012. Davies then returned to TechnoVision as Collaborator in Chief to establish the company’s technology business accelerator services division.

His Businesses


Davies owns Strika Entertainment Nigeria, which publishes SupaStrikas in Nigeria and Ghana. SupaStrikas comics is Africa’s most popular fantasy football league comic, with over one million copies distributed monthly in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, and Botswana.

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