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Tips - January 11, 2022

7 Side Hustles for 2022 that Earn you N500,000 Monthly

Here are easy peasy side hustles you can start from the comfort of your home.

Starting a side business is an excellent way to supplement your income, pay off debt, save, and actualise some of your 2022 aspirations. However, finding the right side hustles that can help increase your income stream might be difficult.

Here are easy peasy side hustles you can start from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is have little skill and start. Yes, just start.

An Ads Specialist

It is easy to be one. Social media platforms like Facebook and Google have free courses that you can do and be a certified Ads specialist. All you have to do is take the courses and start running ads for people from the comfort of your home.

To be proficient in this skill, you can go to these sites to learn and get certified. It’s free. and

Content, Copy and Script Writing

People want to produce creative and unique content but do not know how to go about it or write one. If you have the skill of creating unique content, you can monetise this and get more money for every content you deliver. 

Since every brand wants to stand out, provide an opportunity for them and get paid for it. 

Community Manager

Here, you serve as the digital class monitor that keeps the order and peace in an online class. You work with the community leader and disseminate needed information to the community. You take the members through the onboarding process, and if there is any question, they come to you.

If you are good at organising and leading people, monetise your skill and earn more this 2022.

Online Video Editing

Video editing in Nigeria is in high demand as creating quality video content is a headache for many. Good quality videos lead to more visibility and engagement. If you are good with this, it’s time to monetise. And if you are not, there are apps that can help you learn fast.

Whatsapp Handler

Responding to Whatsapp messages is a nightmare for many small business owners, especially the ones with loads of customers or clients. And some don’t have the time to handle their WhatsApp account due to workload. So they prefer to pay people to do this for them.

For instance, for those teaching various digital courses, they have multiple Whatsapp groups for their students. Managing the audience and classes is usually cumbersome for them. This is where you come in. You can help the person organise the whole process and handle the group. You can also use the WhatsApp application called WAmation.

Sales closing

Many business owners don’t know how to close sales either because they don’t have the time or are swamped. Why not render services to these business owners and make your own money.

Sales closing is the ability to convince and persuade prospective customers to agree and commit to a deal. By doing this, the business owner makes more revenue, and you take a cut too.

All you have to do is to convert people into customers. For instance, an online business owner will have to attend to every direct message (DM) from customers who want to make enquiries or patronise the business. This tends to be stressful at times. Your job is to attend to these customers and ensure that the people who make enquiries are converted into customers. 

Also, you do a follow-up and convert people that come into the page to either just like or make a comment. Your work is just to convert online people to customers. In this type of work, you control the amount you get. This is because you can base your work on percentages. So for every sale you close, you get a certain percentage.

Social Listener

Social listeners specialise in getting first-hand information before it gets to the public. If you have access to exclusive information before it gets to the public, you can monetise this. 

Some brands use this information to boost their business. For instance, having an influencer or a renowned person using a particular brand will increase sales for the specific brand.

If sourcing valuable information is easy for you, why not monetise this by giving firsthand information to a business owner. For every new piece of information, you get a percentage.

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