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Tips - January 11, 2022

How this Nigerian Marketing Expert Made $40,000 in 3 weeks selling $7 Product

Digital marketing, however, has made selling easier. More so for those who have mastered the art of online sales. Interestingly, their country of residence is no more a barrier. 

Consistent profitable sales are the lifeblood of any business. No company can survive without it; it’s just a matter of time. This is why every entrepreneur must ace their marketing in 2022 amid global economic decline and scarce resources.

Digital marketing, however, has made selling easier. More so for those who have mastered the art of online sales. Interestingly, their country of residence is no more a barrier. 

Nelly Agbogu, a Nigerian social media influencer and an online marketing expert, is one. Nelly, also known as NaijaBrandChick, recently shared a video explaining how she made $40,000 in three weeks by selling a $7 editing course. 

She listed out four strategies she utilised to drive the sales. This article will be discussing distinctively the strategies she laid down to become successful in her sales, so you too can replicate it for your marketing efforts. 

According to Nelly, here are seven essential strategies you need to increase your sales.

Know your audience and their buying power

Knowing your audience, what they need, what they can pay for, how they can save more, and improve themselves is a key strategy when making sales. 

You will need to consider your audience when wanting to make sales. Nelly’s aim of putting the price of her course at $7 was to make it affordable to her audience and make it still be of value to them.    

Create scarcity and show them what they stand to loose

The brain of everything in social media is scarcity, a good strategy to harness. Nelly started by revealing snippets of what the editing app could do, with pictures showing a before and after of the photo edit she made with her phone. With that, people became eager to know how she designed her photo, causing her to make a course out of it where she revealed the name of the app and the processes she used to edit the picture. 

Find the right person to collaborate with 

You will need to collaborate to make your work seamless and easy. Nelly could edit a picture, but regardless, she paid and collaborated with an influencer that could edit videos and make the masterclass neater and more attractive.  

Create the content 

You need a strategy to attract the low-end and high-end people in society. Nelly explains a unique strategy under this category: the “call out strategy”. 

This requires you to go to different businesses to show them how they can use what you are selling to help push up their sales. Nelly showed certain businesses how they could get profitable with her course, calling out food, fashion and real estate business owners to use her product. 

The next thing she did was to create “the fear of missing out” (FOMO). This process involves calling every sector out to show them what they could miss out on if they don’t use your product. Nelly called out various brands like makeup artists, photographers, and mothers to edit birthday pictures for their children. She also called out celebrities like Don Jazzy, in which she made an edit of one of his pictures which he reposted, making her sell more.    

Key into people’s curiosity

Humans are curious beings. You need to bring out their curiosity for your product to get their attention. This means you create lots of buzz surrounding the product you wish to sell. Nelly made people curious in wanting them to learn how to use the editing app, which boosted her sales.

Market the product before you put it out

Before you put the product out there, market it first. This is because people have questions about what the product can do for them, which helps in not making mistakes on the kind of service you want to offer them because at the end of the day, customers are the people you want to sell to. They know the pain points they want to be solved, so you must listen to them before thinking of yourself.  

Make preorder available

Nelly made her course available as a preorder on Sellar, revealing only the course outline, even though the courses were unavailable. This strategy gave her enough time to sell more for three weeks before the scheduled date of the course. 

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