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Investment - January 20, 2022

4 Real Estate Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Investing in the real estate industry can be capital intensive, however, these online platforms are changing the game.

Real estate investment is one of the most common strategies to generate consistent income in Nigeria. Investing in real estate provides numerous opportunities to build wealth and gain financial freedom.

About 90% of the world’s millionaires have made their fortunes through investing in real estate over the last 200 years. Four African businessmen with large real estate holdings of at least one billion dollars, Miloud Chaabi from Morocco, Sudhir Ruparelia from Uganda, Samih Sawiris from Egypt and Anas Sefrioui from Morocco. 

Being a real estate investor has numerous advantages. Any Nigerian can start investing in real estate using online investment platforms in Nigeria. Real estate investment has always had a high entry barrier in Nigeria. To begin, you would certainly need a large sum of money. However, online internet real estate investment platforms offer a unique approach to real estate investing.

It is crucial to realise that this form of investing is very new in Nigeria, so there isn’t much precedent to draw from. These internet real estate portals, on the other hand, have been approved as safe and legitimate. 

Here are 4 real estate investment platforms you can use in Nigeria.


Risevest is a web-based investment platform that allows users to invest in real estate, stocks, and fixed-income assets. Risevest allows you to invest in a portfolio of real estate holdings in the United States. You get money from your dollar investment in the form of rent and capital interests.

The investment plaform deals in high-demand properties in the United States at a discounted rate. They flip these properties and either rent or sell them. 

Risevest divides each property it buys into 10,000 investment units, each worth $10.

All Rise vest properties in the United States are covered by insurance against loss, damage, and loss of rental income. is an online investing platform which has assets in treasury bills, equities, mutual funds, and real estate.

On, you can invest in real estate through its fractional property platform or by purchasing shares in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

The fractional property function allows you to co-own real estate holdings with other investors by pooling money. This real estate investment platform, allows you to buy as many units as you want.


Unlike and Rise Vest, Coreum focuses solely on real estate investing. You can invest in a part of a property using this Nigerian real estate investment platform.

With this Coreum, you can invest in land or residential buildings. On Coreum, each property is divided into 100 units. You can also buy as many units as you like.

Coreum requires a minimum investment of N50,000. The expected return on investment (ROI) might range from 7.1 percent to 15%.


Oxfordvest is a multi-partnership investing platform that allows investors to make investments in a variety of sectors, including agricultural, real estate, oil and gas, banking and finance, and earn reasonably significant returns on their money (ROI).

You can use USSD, Mobile App, Internet Banking, and ATM to make payments in naira, dollar, euro, and pounds.

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