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Insight & Analysis - January 24, 2022

5 Thoughts Successful Entrepreneurs Have

Successful entrepreneurs have a solution-driven mindset that is always one step ahead of the competition.

Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve and make their businesses better. The thought that there is more to accomplish continues to drive them.

For them, it is a combination of never being content and always wanting to do things “bigger and better”. Hence, the entrepreneur’s thoughts constantly move and plan the next accomplishment. They are always thinking of a million and one alternatives and formulating plans A, B, and C for each.

As an aspiring business person, here are five thoughts that occupy successful entrepreneurs’ minds.

How to get past limits

The recurrent question in the mind of every successful entrepreneur is “what next?” regardless of their accomplishment. This is due to the mindset to build and improve continuously. There is never a limit for successful entrepreneurs when it comes to advancement. This is because it is not about the next great idea or aspiration but every detail that makes up the whole business.

The next area for improvement

Successful entrepreneurs use this to perceive the world differently. Accomplished business owners are never satisfied with their accomplishments. Instead of being content with the particular position, they look for ways to make it better.

Instead of saying, ‘Great, it works, we are done here for a while, a competent business person says, ‘Great, it works, but I want it to be better. This is because entrepreneurs use effectual reasoning to envisage new methods while others simply accept the status quo.

Are my customers satisfied?

We live in a consumer-driven era where customers are King. Hence, entrepreneurs ensure that the customers are satisfied to ensure continuous patronage.

Also, customer satisfaction is critical for ensuring loyalty and repeat business and safeguarding a growing brand. In a report by American research company Radius Global, a cross-section of customers said word of mouth determines what customers decide to purchase.   

The astute entrepreneur understands that business development will not occur until satisfied consumers share the news. Happy customers equal happy business.

Do I have to take time off?

Entrepreneurs work round the clock, so persuading them to take time off is not easy. After all, they want to do nothing but expand their businesses, which may be a point of conflict when the holiday season arrives, and the family starts planning about summer vacation.

Even taking a day off now and again requires thought. In a report by Sage, 30% of entrepreneurs do not go on vacations at all. Time is the most valuable asset, and off days are terrible for the company when seen in this light.

Are my financials in order?

If money isn’t on an entrepreneur’s mind, they aren’t entrepreneurs. Financial stability keeps a business afloat, but financial difficulties result in an unhealthy environment for the business and everyone involved, from the employer to stakeholders and employees.

Due to its importance, profit and loss, cash flow, and balance sheets are frequently in the thought of entrepreneurs.

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