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Lists - January 26, 2022

7 Most Useless University Degrees in this Digital World

Due to technology advancement, you will need to upskill to be relevant in the digital world.

As a result of technological advancement, the conventional way of learning is getting thinner, making some academic courses useless and the degrees irrelevant to this digital world. Although this brings about a positive change that will make work faster and seamless, it will also see the demise of some sectors.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, genetics, and biotechnology will wreak havoc on labour markets in the next ten years, as unemployment will increase. Many companies will be forced to slash their workforce. And this is already happening, especially in the banking sector, as traditional banks pivot to digital banking to leverage the Fintech revolution. 

Unfortunately, the higher education curriculum in most African countries does not conform, and will probably not be anytime soon, to the current realities. Consequently, students currently studying these soon-to-be-obsolete courses are already at a disadvantage with the accelerated technological improvements unless they upskill.

Here is a list of useless University degrees you should avoid in this digital world.

Banking and Finance

With the financial sector integrated with technology (fintech), there will be little relevance to studying banking and finance in no distant future. This is a result of artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological breakthroughs in the banking sector.

With artificial intelligence (AI) gradually taking over financial tasks, the number of people working will reduce, increasing unemployment. This, however, does not mean AI will run the entire banking sector. It is instead a wake-up call to think carefully about your job options.


The existence of digital media and marketing technology has already relegated traditional marketing. Companies now value digital marketing expertise and analytic tools and techniques over traditional marketing in the corporate world. 

Therefore, the advancement in information technology will negatively impact marketing jobs in the future. Even with digital marketing, the learning scope is broadening at the speed of light, and only those who are proactive in learning the new ways will have a successful career in marketing.


Thanks, or no thanks to digital media. Journalism is now in jeopardy. As much as the new media is a faster and better way of creating and consuming content, it comes with a barrage of blows, one being the advent of fake news. This is an alarming development for the practitioners who hold the tenets of journalism dear.

Regardless, the new media is the present and future of journalism as it is fast running traditional media out of business. With new bloggers springing up every day and social media giants enabling viral dissemination of content, journalists who haven’t evolved to the digital work life are in danger of career irrelevance. 

Almost all traditional media companies have adopted the online news reporting model. Even some, specifically Forbes, now produce articles using machine learning algorithms as the publication is gradually shutting down its print media. Forbes also utilises Bertie’s AI technology to help provide initial drafts and templates for news items to reporters.

Therefore, for anyone interested in a career in journalism, if the curriculum is not digital media-inclined, the degree will probably be useless after graduation. And if you’re already practising as a journalist, the profession is beyond knowing how to write well; you must master CMS usage, On-page SEO, content distribution, content marketing and other relevant skills that will make you to stay employable and valuable in the new media industry.


Unless you want to be a music instructor, music degrees are a waste of time and money. Even as a professional music instructor or instrumentalist, Youtube is your best chance at making it big.

You can study nearly everything and improve your music skill by learning in the real world. Finding gainful employment with a music degree is almost impossible unless you’re exceptionally skilled.

Theater Arts

With the advent of modern cinemas and streaming platforms live Netflix, Iroko TV and the likes, who needs a University degree to be a thespian or a movie star? The course of study may make sense when stage plays were the norm. Not anymore.

Also, with the success rate of actors who never had a degree in theatre arts, you don’t need a university degree to be a successful actor or artist. Auditions are an excellent place to start if performing arts is your passion.



Anthropology and Archeology

A degree in anthropology and archaeology may appeal to you if you enjoy history, travelling, and being outdoor. However, this career path is challenging as you must be willing to invest your time and money in obtaining a PhD and years as an underpaid intern or research assistant.

With a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and archaeology, you may work on a historical dig site or, at the very least, study the discoveries at a museum. These positions, however, are few. While a distinguished PhD from Harvard or Yale can earn you a job at an excavation site, the bulk of degrees is unlikely to get you out of your backyard.

Religious Studies

Students with a religious studies degree are more prepared to appreciate the ramifications of faith. Students study global theology to understand others and the differences across religions better. There is hardly ever any commercial rationale behind this choice of academic endeavour.

A religious studies degree is also one of the most useless university degrees. This course may be good for your spirit, but it won’t be financially rewarding after graduation. That’s because religious studies graduates have a restricted number of career prospects.


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